[Distutils] (final?) automake related questions

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 16:29:49 -0700

Greg said:
> Umm, are you talking about "package" in the Python sense of a special
> directory full of modules, or in the general sense of a discrete chunk
> of software to distribute? 

To which I responded:
> Indeed, I am confused by its definition in the Python world.

Quick clarification question, then.

What do you call a single file which is placed in

and referenced via 'import something'

and what do you call a set of files contained in a directory
named 'something_else', placed in


and contains the __init__.py to tell Python that this importable via

  import something_else

Is something == 'module' and something_else == 'package' ?

If so, I want to change my name for the first (currently is 'classes',
for lack of a better word) and the second from 'module' to 'package'.