[Distutils] (final?) automake related questions

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 03:50:27 -0600

Greg said:
> So I think your scheme makes sense for Automake, but I would
> still consider changing "exec" to "plat" at some point if it makes
> sense and Automake doesn't whine.  And I think my scheme makes sense
> for a Python-specific build/distribute/install mechanism, so I'm
> gonna stick with what I've got.

The automake people suggested an even better alternative; don't
provide those options at all from the configure script (which
gets rid of the --with-python-site-exec).  And, the "plat"
extension means nothing (that I know of) in automake, so I can
change that.  That nomenclature does make more sense.

> > Is something == 'module' and something_else == 'package' ?
> So yes, this is correct.

Also now on my change list.  (I've got to wait, I assume, until
the automake people get told by the FSF that I've sent in the
right copyright disclaimer papers; though it's been over a week
since I mailed them.)

> Assuming all that is correct, I hope that clears things up!  (And
> if anything up there is *not* correct, somebody tell me soon before
> I hard-code my misunderstandings in the Distutils...)

Sounds good to me.  And besides, even if it is wrong, by documenting
and implement it one way, sometimes things become right even if
originally wrong!