[Distutils] Questions about distutils strategy

Robin Dunn robin@alldunn.com
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 18:12:18 -0800

> Ahh - but we already have - David's compile.py knows how to use COM to
> automate DevStudio builds :-)  In fact, with the COM extensions we
> could create and build a DevStudio project from scratch I believe.
> But I dont think we should.

Don't even need COM.  The project files are just text after all.  The
wxWindows team uses tmake from Troll Tech to generate makefiles for all the
various Windows compilers, Makefile.in for GNU configure, and VC++
workspace/project files.  Since it's a perl based tool I couldn't stomach
using it myself and since distutils wasn't usable yet I created my own script
that can make makefiles for VC++ or Unix based systems and can also drive
running make.  Works pretty good.

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