[Distutils] Re: Installer

Christian Tismer tismer@appliedbiometrics.com
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:08:07 +0100

Hi Gordon,

I had a look - nice thingy.
Maybe this is the way to do it. I resisted to unpack everything
from the C starter and was more heading into having Python up
before the installation process. This would make it possible
to be much smarter when it comes to decide which files to pull
out, where they should go etc. I think this part should
already be Python. Therefore I spent time on how to build
Python stand-alone, linked with zlib. 
But maybe your way is the better one.

My target was to keep as many files as possible in the .exe
and use is as a repository, acting as a vitual file system.
Redirection to a fake file system should be easy with Greg's
Only the dlls must be pulled out, there is no chance to
avoid this. I thought of /windows/temp for them.

Your cookie looks funny. I looked at it from a dos window
and I'm trying to figure out what the meaning of 'MEI'
plus all the male/female symbols could be :-)

ciao - chris

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