[Distutils] Re: Installer

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:31:51 -0800

Christian Tismer wrote:
> My target was to keep as many files as possible in the .exe
> and use is as a repository, acting as a vitual file system.
> Redirection to a fake file system should be easy with Greg's
> module.
> Only the dlls must be pulled out, there is no chance to
> avoid this. I thought of /windows/temp for them.

Yes, a simple variation on a theme uses win32api to read resources out
of the .exe. Unmarshal the string to get a code object and return it
(maybe decompress before unmarshal). imputil.py takes care of the rest,
once you can return a code object.

I suspect the Importer to use Win32 resources is a dozen lines or so.


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