[Distutils] Revised design proposal

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:00:16 +1100

>  > Someone should also think about whether adding some
> support for registry
>  > manipulations makes sense, in the long run.
>   Probably so; I guess this means it'll need to be added to the core
> Python distribution for Win32.  I'm sure a basic registry module
> wouldn't be hard to write (unless it's o.k. to abscond an
> existing bit
> of code?? ;), but this is largely up to Guido (accepting it, not
> necessarily writing it) since it would have to be core.

he he - Im here too :-)

Guido has said he is happy to accept some of the Win32 stuff into the
core for 1.6 - notably the Registry manipulation functions, and a
"PyHANDLE" object - a wrapper around a win32 handle that is

And as David said, I too am just keeping an eye half-open, and will
pipe up if I see anything that wont work on Windows (with just a
little porting effort :-)