[Distutils] Re: [PSA MEMBERS] packages in Python

Just van Rossum just@letterror.com
Fri, 21 May 1999 11:00:22 +0200

(I just subscribed here, so maybe I've missed earlier replies to David's
post in the PSA list)

At 11:57 AM -0700 5/20/99, David Ascher wrote:
>I'm (slowly) getting to the point where I agree.  Two thoughts:
>1) imputil.py (greg stein's thing) might be a good place to start working
>   out a better system. See distutils-sig for URLs.
>2) the problem of statically compiled package-enclosed modules is
>   separate and needs to be addressed in the core.  In other words, it
>   won't make it before 1.6.

Point 2 shouldn't be too hard. It is already possible (since a 1.5.2 alpha
I think) to statically link submodules in a frozen build. I guess it's
relatively easy to patch find_module() to do something like this:

foo.bar is registered as a "builtin" in config.c file as

    {"foo.bar", initbar},

(Hm, this is problemetic if the is a distinct global builtin module "bar")

find_module() should then first check sys.builtin_module_names with the
full name before doing anything else. (probably only when it is confirmed
that "foo" is a package.)

No time to play with that right now, but it sure seems trivial.