[Distutils] distutils installation fails in WinNT; sys.exec_prefix empty

Fred Yankowski fcy@acm.org
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 10:16:24 -0500


I just downloaded Distutils-0.1.tar.gz (which might be better named
Distutils-0.1.tgz to accommodate WinZip), expanded it, and tried
installing it by running 'python -v setup.py install'.  It ran OK for a
while, then took an exception in _init_nt() in sysconfig.py, apparently
because sys.exec_prefix (and sys.prefix, for that matter) are both set
to '' on my system.

I just installed Python 1.5.2 yesterday, on a WinNT 4.0 (SP 5) machine.
Other than choosing a non-default installation path (different volume),
I think I took all defaults when running the Python installer.

Fred Yankowski