[Distutils] The "dist" command

Mikael Lyngvig mikael@pobox.com
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 03:24:06 +0200

Hi Greg,

> *BZZT* *BZZT* Off-topic alert!  But I can't resist...

I'll try to sneak this one through and pray I don't get a severe beating.

> 1) What's wrong with os.path.walk()?  (Apart from the fact that it's
> buried in os.path where it would never occur to anyone in a million
> years to look for it.)

Nothing as such, I use it all the time.  The proposal was mostly related to
my "dream" that one day most of the POSIX commands will be implemented in
Python, so that a full POSIX command set is available as soon as Python has
been ported.  This might actually serve as a great marketing gimmick for
Python itself.

>2) How would you handle find's ability to combine options
> Won't work with this syntax --
> that's why you need something like os.path.walk, to which you supply a
> test function.

Good point.  You'd have to use a list of options instead, then.  Pity, I
liked the looks of the keyword parameter solution :)

>3) If you used CVS, then you would just need to say "cvs
> status" to find out which files aren't checked in.  (Or better yet, my
> "cvstatus" script, which gives a much more readable version of this. ;-)

Professionally, I've recently (and briefly, phew) been using SCCS... :)
(and created a Python script, vcscheck (supposedly SCCS and RCS), which did
something similar to "cvs status")

Privately, I've been using RCS so far, but just decided a few weeks ago that
I'd switch to CVS.  Is your cvstatus script available anywhere?  That's one
of the very first issues I'd have addresses myself for CVS.

-- Mikael