[Distutils] patch to change order of -I's in build_ext.py

Les Schaffer godzilla@netmeg.net (Les Schaffer)
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 23:17:56 -0400 (EDT)

aorry for the delay responding....

Greg said:

> BTW, Is anyone in the NumPy community keeping on top of Distutils?

i know that Paul Dubois feels very strongly about supporting
Distutils. In fact, its now the only way to build the module on its

and i see Joe Van Andel posts regularly to distutils (this is my first
time stopping by) and he is a regular on Numeric as well.

> There have been a *lot* of changes since 0.1.3 was released in
> January, and I have been rather free with making incompatible
> changes (because there's no way I'm gonna be able to get away with
> them after Python 1.6/Distutils 1.0 are out).  I've also been
> keeping my examples/numpy_setup.py script up-to-date with the
> changes, in hopes that some eager NumPy hacker will keep an eye on
> the changes in Distutils and be ready to update NumPy's real setup
> script when the time comes. 

what do you mean 'real setup script'? i think distutils is it now.

anyway. i'll try to track the latest distutils for you as i stay with
the cvs builds of numpy.

les schaffer