[Distutils] FreeBSD

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Mon, 3 Apr 2000 20:43:58 -0400

[Robin Becker]
> I'm trying to port stuff from Win32 to FreeBSD. Distutils is fine with
> win32, but can I use it with freebsd? I notice that earlier methods used
> a universal makefile and Setup.in and involved a lot of technology ie
> libtool etc etc

[Joe Van Andel]
> I use distutils on Linux and it works fine for building extensions to
> Python.  Since distutils uses Python code, and doesn't rely on make or
> libtools, I think it should work fine on FreeBSD.
> I don't think distutils is going to replace 'make' for general
> development in the immediate future, but it works great for building
> Python extensions.

Umm, what he said.  Hell, I *write* the Distutils on Linux and test them
sporadically under Solaris.  If anything goes wrong under FreeBSD, then
I want to hear about it -- it sounds like FreeBSD is emerging as the
third-most-popular Unix system, and is therefore worth worrying about.
I have yet to actually use the Distutils under Windows, although that'll
probably change soon (sigh) -- I am just a tiny bit stunned that the
system actually works for you Windows folks.

(And oh yeah, sorry about the Unix-geek user interface... I wanted to
get something working this millenium.)  (The millenium starts in 2001,

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