[Distutils] Patch for msvccompiler.py (Win32)

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 13:21:57 +1000

> It has just occurred to me that those pragmas are awfully
> handy things,
> but can we rely on them?

In my experience, we can rely on them more than users specifying the
correct libraries!  Particularly with version changes, and
debug/release builds.  This may or may not be relevant to distutils.

Also, any .libs specified on the command line will be searched
before onces specified by the pragmas - meaning the command line
effectively overrides it.

> What if someone wants to build Python
> extensions with the Windows port of gcc, or with Borland's newly
> free-as-in-free-beer compiler?  (I imagine they'll have a
> big job, as
> they'll probably have to start with building Python
> itself with said
> compiler.  But this might be yet another little problem along that
> road.)

If they dont support the pragma (which I bet they will), then it is
simply #ifdef'd around an MS specific variable.  I think this would
be the least of their problems!