[Distutils] Re: Patch for msvccompiler.py (Win32)

Greg Ward gward@ase.com
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 21:00:27 -0400

[me, being a worry-wart]
> It has just occurred to me that those pragmas are awfully
> handy things,
> but can we rely on them?

[Mark Hammond]
> In my experience, we can rely on them more than users specifying the
> correct libraries!  Particularly with version changes, and
> debug/release builds.  This may or may not be relevant to distutils.

But the whole *point* of the Distutils is that users don't have to worry
about it anymore; now there's just a big system that knows The Right
Thing to do to build extensions on their platform and Python version.
So I don't have any moral objection to adding python15.dll or
python16.dll or whatever to the library search path when building
extensions if needed.

Sounds like it's not needed for MSVC++, so let's not do it there -- I'm
still waiting to hear back from Lyle if he figured out why it wasn't
working for him.

And I still haven't heard from anyone with experience of using GCC or
Borland's compiler to build Pythone extensions.  Anyone?

[Mark again]
> If they dont support the pragma (which I bet they will)

Wouldn't surprise me if Borland's compiler did support the library
pragma, but whether GCC does... again, does anyone with direct personal
experience of either compiler *know*?

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