[Distutils] ANNOUNCE: Distutils 0.8.1 released

Greg Ward gward@ase.com
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 23:33:56 -0400

This release fixes a couple of bugs that people reported in Distutils
0.8, as well as adding two nice features.  Here's the change log...

  * added the meta-data display options: now you can run the setup
    script with --name, --author, --description, etc. and it will
    print out that information (thanks to Bastian Kleineidam for
    the original idea and patch)

  * thoroughly overhauled the distutils.fancy_getopt module to support
    those options

  * manifest template files can now take many filename patterns per
    line (thanks to Andrew Kuchling)

  * code cleanup: better and more consistent use of exceptions

  * building extensions should now work on AIX, thanks to a hack
    that fixes "./ld_so_aix" in Python's installed Makefile

  * fixed the "sample3" example to actually work (it hadn't been
    updated with the Great Renaming prior to release 0.8)


You'll find at the usual place:

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