[Distutils] --help not working in 0.8.1 (w/patch)

Greg Ward gward@ase.com
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 23:20:45 -0400

On 22 April 2000, Harry Henry Gebel said:
> The --help argument is not working in Distutils v0.8.1 . The problem is
> caused by two things: FancyGetopt.generate_help() does not have a self
> argument and FancyGetopt.print_help() places the file argument first, but
> all the functions that call it seem to expect the header argument to be
> first. A patch is attached that fixes the problem.

Gaakk!  Paper-bag-over-head time.  Thanks for the patch -- checked in
and a new code snapshot released.  I'll see if any more dumb bugs show
up in 0.8.1 and then put out 0.8.2.  Argghg...

BTW, has anyone other than me successfully used the "sdist" command,
specifically written and processed a MANIFEST.in file, under Windows

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