[Distutils] New code snapshot

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:33:27 -0400

OK, let's see if I understand.

> ":foo" == "foo" != "foo:"
  rel        rel     abs

> but
> ":foo:bar" != "foo:bar" == "foo:bar:"
  rel           abs           abs

Right?  And the oddball is "foo", which is special-cased to be
relative.  I think I get it now...

> For the record, I posted to the MacPython list about this, and it looks
> like people are happy with the new version of os.path.normpath for the mac,
> so hopefully that'll be in the CVS tree in a day or two (I'll send it to
> Jack Jansen to add it to the tree).

Cool.  I wonder if this should be committed on the 1.6 branch as well,
since it's "just a bug fix".

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