[Distutils] Re: CygwinCCompiler, msvc hack, BCPPCompiler

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 21:24:47 -0400

On 08 August 2000, Rene Liebscher said:
> It is not as easy as you may think, I just spotted a potential problem
> before it could arise.
> If I would write ...append(",,%s," % filename) and filename would
> contain
> a blank ("/a b/file") then spawn would quote it as whole ",,/a b/file,".
> And this is probably wrong. So we should insert file names as single
> words in the list. 

OK, you win.  I think this situation sucks because of 1) MS-DOS'
poorly-thought-out command-line model, which (as near as I can tell) has
continued under Windows, and 2) Borland's abuse of Microsoft's fuzzy
thinking.  So your code makes the best of a bad situation.  Oh well.

> (Don't say blanks in file names are not allowed in python module names,
> THIS is a generic compiler class which could also be used for
> other purposes.)

Oh good, finally someone other than me is preaching this sermon --
thanks!  ;-)
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