[Distutils] ANNOUNCE: Distutils 0.9.1

Greg Ward gward@mems-exchange.org
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 10:37:53 -0400

Hi all --

I've finally thrown together Distutils 0.9.1.  This fixes all bugs that
were reported in Distutils 0.9, as well as a one long-standing bug that
nobody reported (and I only discovered myself this morning, putting
together the release!).  Also includes a bunch of work by Rene Liebscher
cleaning up/reorganizing extension-building on Windows.  Here's the real
change log:

  * added --dist-dir option to the sdist and bdist commands, to control
    where output files are put; all default to the "dist" directory

  * factored a bunch of code out of the "sdist" command, which will
    hopefully make it easier to use its nifty "file list template"
    features used in other places (thanks to Rene Liebscher)

  * general cleanup/improvement of compiling extensions with non-
    Microsoft compilers under Windows (Rene Liebscher):
    - fixed Borland C++ interface so it works
    - better handling of different GCC versions under Windows

  * fixed a bunch of little bugs (thanks to various people)

  * some documentation work: added "Describing extensions" section
    to the "Distributing Python Modules" manual

  * fixed a long-standing bug in the "build_py" command that prevented
    "bdist_rpm" from working in certain cases

It's available from


as a source tarball, source ZIP file, source RPM, built RPM, and Windows

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