[Distutils] bdist_pkgtool attempt

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 21:57:42 -0400

On 24 August 2000, Mark W. Alexander said:
> As a first pass, it takes somewhat of a sledgehammer approach,
> but it does work for at least a simple pure-python module.

"Sledgehammer" is one way to put it.  It might be a more convincing
translation if you finished the s/rpm/pkgtool/ job.  ;-)

The major problems I see with this adaptation are:

  * reuse by cut and paste doesn't count.  I'm going to stop
    accepting patches that just copy an existing module and
    hack into shape... *now*.  If you want to implement
    command bdist_foo, and it's very similar to bdist_bar,
    then refactor first!

  * it shouldn't be the job of a shell script generated by
    bdist_pkgtool.py to go from sys.prefix to
    <prefix>/lib/pythonx.y/site-packages; that is already
    done by the 'install' command when run with a certain
    prefix.  Or you can use the 'get_python_lib()' function
    from distutils.sysconfig.  Two places with this
    logic are enough...

Oh, and of course I have a burning and irrational hatred of Solaris
which, unlike my burning and irrational hatred of Windows, stems from
actual use.  So the idea of lifting a finger to help Sun, even as
indirectly as this, really sticks in my craw.  >grin<

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