[Distutils] script_name and script_args

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 22:01:45 -0400

Hi all --

I've just tweaked the Distribution class and 'setup()' function a bit so
that you can pass 'script_name' (sys.argv[0]) and 'script_args'
(sys.argv[1:]) in as keyword args to 'setup()'.  Obviously this would
never be used in the "canonical" case of a setup script run by the user
from the command-line, but it's a handy back door for whatever trickery
Paul is doing in PyFort.  (Auto-generated setup scripts, indeed!  Well,
as long as m4 isn't involved...)

Now we just have to deal with Amos' dist-bot needs, and that'll be that
for Distutils 0.9.2.  Marching ever onwards...

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