[Distutils] Re: Opening up backdoors to 'setup()'

Paul F. Dubois dubois@users.sourceforge.net
Wed Aug 30 01:33:01 2000

Just to be clear, I do not have any "script" I want to run. The call to
setup is "it".
I am doing something like apply(setup, [], kw) having set up the dictionary
I do not have a file and don't want to write one.

My problem was how to specify the command and its arguments in this context.
That could be one or more extra keyworded arguments, or it could be
positional argument(s), since normally setup doesn't have any. I morally
object to stuffing sys.argv, is all.

So far, by the way, I have not encountered a single user who was not
completely and utterly mystified by the traceback, which as a nice side
effect generally caused the compile error they needed to see to scroll off
screen. I think as a long term goal we should be trapping all errors inside
setup and uttering something intelligent.
The fact that one is in the call to setup is not exactly illuminating.

Perhaps I missed a discussion of this sort since I can't really handle this
lists' volume. If so, my apologies.