[Distutils] some small bugs

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu Aug 31 21:33:02 2000

> The patch fixes this. It also changes two other problems.
> First it raises an PlatformException if you try to use it with
> modules which contain compiled C-extensions. Distutils doesn't
> support crosscompiling.

Ooh, but wouldn't it be cool if I could compile Windows extensions on Linux
and vice-versa... oh, never mind!

> And the patches:
> sysconfig.patch:
> * add code to _init_posix to fix path to the linker script

OK, but: the addition of -l/usr/lib -Lpython2.0 should be done in
a BeOS-specific section of build_ext, which is consistent with 
how we add the Python library for non-MS compilers on Windows.
Probably the 'get_libraries()' method should be extended to take care of
both library directory and name, and then a BeOS clause can be added.

sysconfig is for describing the Python installation; knowledge about how to
build extensions belongs in build_ext.

> cygwin.patch:
> * correct some mistakes in the comments
> bcppcompiler.patch:
> * reverse searched library names from bcpp_library to library_bcpp
> * move some code to the right places, to put the def-files
>   in the right drectories again

OK, checked both of these in.

> bdist_wininst.patch:
> * create dist directory
> * raise exception if using for modules containing compiled extensions
>   on a non win32 platform.
> * change creation of ini-file, so it is now created in the dist
> directory
>   instead the current one.

I'll use Thomas' version of this patch instead.