[Distutils] data_files problem

Pete Shinners pete@shinners.org
Fri Dec 8 02:48:00 2000

i'm using the "data_files" argument to try and copy
extra files into my installation folder...

setup (name = "pygame",
       data_files = [['pygame', data_files]]

my data_files variable is just a list of filenames i want
copied into the package installation directory.

under windows, this is working perfectly. under linux, this
installs my data files to "/usr/pygame". not very good. it
would seem like the windows behaviour would be what is wanted.

is there any way i can get this working with the current
version of distutils? some sort of "if not sys.platform == 'win32':"
and put the full path into this argument?

is there a way for my distutils script to find the directory
where packages will be installed to? if i knew that i could
get it hacked in on my own.