[Distutils] Compiling with mingw32

Reuben Sumner rasumner@iname.com
Sun Dec 10 15:18:00 2000

After some work I am happy to report successful compilation of a simple
module using Python 2.0, distutils and mingw32.  If somebody needs the
libpython20.a, I have one which seems to work.

find_config_files in dist.py needed a little tweaking to actually read
pydistutils.cfg from sys.prefix as the doc string had promised.
Incidentally I don't generally put the python DLLs in my path, but just the
python executables.  While most things work fine in this configuration,
sys.prefix is not one of them.

Is there a reason that MANIFEST.in isn't a default file to be included when
making a source distribution?