[Distutils] Extensions with cygwin on Python 2.0

John J. Lee phrxy@csv.warwick.ac.uk
Tue Dec 12 11:23:00 2000

What is the current situation with building extensions with Distutils on
cygwin with the normal MSVC-built Python 2.0 windows binaries?  I can
build extensions okay (I think) using a makefile, but I'm trying to figure
out how to use Distutils to do the same thing: is cygwin supported at all?

Reading a couple of messages here from a month or two ago about building
Python itself on cygwin, I saw a comment from someone that he didn't know
if cygwin built extensions worked reliably with the normal MSVC python 2.0
binary.  As far as I know, they do, but I take it from the comment that
there isn't any support in Distutils yet?  Does it fit in well with the
existing structure, since it's kind of two platforms in one, if you see
what I mean?  Is it likely to be supported in the near future?

Note that this is using dllwrap -mno-cygwin, which doesn't use any of the
POSIX stuff from cygwin, which would mean you'd have to have cygwin1.dll
to use the extension for no particular reason.  The only reason I'm using
cygwin rather than mingw32 is that it has a convenient command line.

Thanks for any help