[Distutils] Including documentation into a Windows installer

Martin v. Loewis martin@loewis.home.cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 18 09:00:01 2000

I'm trying to get a number of files into the binary package which are
considered as documentation.

For RPMs, I simply do

doc_files = ANNOUNCE,CREDITS,LICENCE,README,README.dom,README.pyexpat,README.sgmlop,doc,demo,test

Even though some of these names are actually directories, the RPM
building process uses the source distribution to determine which files
to include. Specifically, these names get listed as %doc directives,
which are then installed into /usr/doc/<package>.

Since there is no dedicated documentation directory on Windows, I'd
like to put these files into a directory xmldoc next to the _xmlplus
directory which is the Python package. I managed to compute the list
of file names and directories myself using the FileList class.

How can I get a set of files into the Windows installer, while
preserving the directory structure?

Any help appreciated,