[Distutils] Compiling / Installing extensions

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 19:19:40 +0100

> Thomas Heller writes:
>  > 1. Usually extensions are named xxx.pyd, not xxx.dll
>  > Should this be changed?
>   The PYD extension is good because it indicates that it isn't used as 
> a "normal" DLL; this is useful because it makes file management
> easier.
It also makes possible (I think) to wrap the python interface
for thirdparty.dll into thirdparty.pyd.
So it should be changed.
Greg, what do you think?

>  > 2. install copies all files built: not only the dll but also
>  > .exp, .lib, everthing which is output by the linker.
>  > Is this also the case on unix?
>  > Or is my setup.py wrong?
>   On Unix, linking doesn't typically leave a bunch of extra stuff.
On windows, it's usually not even possible to suppress this extra stuff.
Depending on the linker/compiler flags, even more files are generated.
It seems distutils should only copy the target files, not
this extra stuff.
Greg ?

>  I
> don't even know what an EXP file is!  ;)
Same for the typical windows programmer ;)

>  > 3. It would really be nice if there were a possibility to
>  > compile debug versions.
>   Agreed, but I'm just a Unix weenie.
What do you mean? You don't need to debug under Unix?
Is the debug version the default? Or what?