[Distutils] RE: [Python-Dev] Proposal: Registry access for Python on Windows

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 13:53:20 +1100

[Thomas writes]

> I admit: it has been too low level. I have posted
> (and implemented) a new proposal describing a more
> high level interface.

Your high-level interface looks fine (except it should be coded in Python

> In this I followed Gordon's
> suggestion: Provide the minimum needed.

I took that to mean "for the high-level interface"

> If one wants to do more special things, one probably needs
> your win32 extensions anyway.

Im not really convinced about this.  I would still rather see the complete
win32api registry support added, seeing as the code exists.

> Already too late! (Programming is fun :-) (Is competition good ?)

Of course it is good - it means I will get my implementation done quicker
now ;-)

> Don't you think that the raw Win32 api functions are much too low
> level to belong into core python? How should they be documented?

You said you have seen the sources, so you should have seen there is also
copious documentation - Im converting them to docstrings.