[Distutils] Compiling / Installing extensions

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.demon.co.uk
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 11:59:14 +0000

In article <020101bf7228$f94d8a50$4500a8c0@thomasnotebook>, Thomas
Heller <thomas.heller@ion-tof.com> writes
>> The Numeric package itself has _numpy which exports lots of things.
>> I don't seriously object to changing sysconfig.py. Go ahead. Since the
>> .pyd only gets done in sysconfig it follows that 
>> _shared_lib_ext = '.pyd' in msvccompiler doesn't get used so then it
>> follows that shared_library_filename isn't being used properly.
>> I say go for the -Z7 debugging mode. I would point out that this is
>> essentially a legacy mode for M$ as it represents C7.0 (the CodeView
>> era) and as with all legacy things it will be withdrawn as and when Bill
>> sees fit.
>We could hope this -Z7 would stay for a while. Even now you can
>generate mapfiles (wasn't this the symdeb era?).
>> I can only find one output location option /out: and it seems that as
>> soon as you specify one export that .lib and .exp files get created
>> alongside the output file. So the new logic should be that the compiler 
>> shoves its .obj files into temp and the linker intially does likewise.
>> A final stage copies wanted files .pyd .lib into the platlib.winnt.x86
>> or whatever.
>See my previous post about the /implib: linker flag.
>> can we have a keep list which defaults to .pyd, but can be added to by
>> an option. Then _numpy could add .lib
>> As a final note; if you want to have a single temp area, we need
>> different object extensions eg .obj and .dobj for optimised and debug
>> versions.
>The usual way (also used for core python) is to have separate directories:
>temp-debug and temp-release. And to have separate pyd filenames:
>module.pyd and module_d.pyd.
agreed! Will you do a version after pulling the CVS code?
Robin Becker