[Distutils] Numeric Install over old existing Numeric

Curtis Jensen cjensen@bioeng.ucsd.edu
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:29:15 -0800

[SGI Octane; IRIX 6.5.2]

I tried installing Numeric 14 over an older version of Numeric (Not sure
which one).  When copying the files to
/usr/local/Python/lib/python1.5/site-packages/Numeric/ if it was trying
to copy a file with the same name as the older version, the setup script
gave me an error something to the affect of "Operation not allowed" 
(Sorry I don't have the actual error syntax).  However the file was
copied over the old one, and if I ran the setup script again then it
would proceed to the next file.  I also removed all the files with the
same name, just in case the files were just touched and not actualy
copied.  I got it to work.  Just so you know that there is a problem
with an install over an existing version.

Curtis Jensen
FAX (425) 740-1451