[Distutils] New setup.py in numpy CVS

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat, 8 Jul 2000 21:23:33 -0400

On 06 July 2000, Paul F. Dubois said:
> This version REQUIRES the new Distutils. If you install Distutils into
> 1.6a2, remember (which I didn't at first) to go delete the distutils
> directory in the Python library directory. If you don't you will get a
> message while running setup informing you that your Distutils must be
> updated.

The "Official Recommendation" is just to rename that directory away:
that way you'll have (eg.) lib/python1.6/distutils-orig and
lib/python1.6/site-packages/distutils, and the site-packages version
will take precedence without having clobbered the standard library too
badly.  See the Distutils README.txt.

The alternative was support in the Distutils for replacing/upgrading
bits of the standard library; Guido was, shall we say, non-receptive to
that idea.  Oh well.

> This CVS version also separates out LAPACK/BLAS so that using the "lite"
> version of the libraries supplied with numpy is now optional. A small
> attempt is made to find the library or the user can edit setup.py to set the
> locations if that fails.

Oh good, does that mean it'll take less than 20 minutes to compile NumPy 
on my pokey old 100 MHz Pentium?  ;-)

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