[Distutils] Current versions not on CVS (distutils and NumPy)

Jonathan M. Gilligan jonathan.gilligan@vanderbilt.edu
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:27:34 -0500

I tried updating my distutils and numpy from their CVS sites last night, to 
try building and found the following problems. Distutils from 
:pserver:distutilscvs@cvs.python.org:/projects/cvsroot has a most recent 
tag of Distutils-0_8_2. Where can I get CVS access to Distutils 0.9, or is 
this a tar-only distribution.

On a related note, the cvs of Numerical Python from SourceForge has a most 
recent tag of V15_2. If I get the most recent (untagged) version, of NumPy, 
there is not lapack_lite_library directory, so "setup.py install" fails. 
Does this mean that Numerical Python 15.3 has not yet been checked into the 
CVS repository?

It's a bit confusing when the CVS repositories are not up to date with the 
most recent releases. Could someone clarify for me, please.

Jonathan Gilligan