[Distutils] Re: CygwinCCompiler, msvc hack, BCPPCompiler

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:06:40 -0400

On 23 July 2000, Rene Liebscher said:
> In the latest cygwin binutils 2.10.90 is a bug in dllwrap.
> This new version of my patch tries now to find out the version
> numbers of gcc, ld and dllwrap, so we can inform the user 
> if he is using a broken version of one of these programs.

Ugh.  I guess version-checking is slightly better than crashing, but I
hate that it's necessary.  *grumble*

> (I also found many tabs in distutils which were introduced by 
> by my help-option patch. This patch replaces these tabs with 
> spaces.)

This patch is getting too big for me to digest, and there are too many
unrelated changes.  Could you drop the tab fix (I'll do it myself --
been meaning to for a while now), and submit your fix to bcppcompiler.py 
separately from the other patches?  *Then* I'll be able to comment
sensibly on it.

Thanks --

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