[Distutils] installation

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:16:39 -0400

On 12 July 2000, fred said:
> I am trying to install numpy and am first installing
> distutils.  I am running SunOS 5.7 on a sparc Ultra-4.
> I installed Python after downloading it from python.org.
> When I try to install distutils, it reports that it
> cannot find the <exec-prefix>/lib/python1.5/config and
> indeed there is no such directory in the python distribution
> that I can see.

Sorry for the delay -- I've been away on holiday, and then I took a few
more days holiday from Distutils hacking (or reading the sig, or
applying patches, or any of that stuff).

Anyways -- has this problem been resolved?  Bastian posted a patch in
reply, but I wasn't clear if the patch was in any way related to your
problem -- it just looked like a silly little typo fix.

So are you still unable to install the Distutils?  If the
lib/python1.5/config directory doesn't exist, the Distutils are useless.

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