[Distutils] bug in install_scripts

Greg Kochanski gpk@bell-labs.com
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 12:14:06 -0400

If you are installing from   .../bin/foo   to    /usr/local/bin/foo,
distutils installs correctly, but then reports an error when
it incorrectly tries to chmod the file /usr/local/bin/bin/foo .

The problem seems to be in .../distutils/cmd.py, in the function
It looks as if it should not just do os.path.join, but should
drop off the directory parts of f, first with os.path.basename().


from distutils.core import setup

setup(name="promu1python", version="1.0",
        description = "Stem-ML level 1 tag set",
        author = "Greg Kochanski",
        author_email = "gpk@bell-labs.com",
        scripts = ["bin/promu1.sh"],
        packages = ["promu1python"])