[Distutils] bug in install_scripts

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 21:24:42 -0400

On 02 June 2000, Greg Kochanski said:
> If you are installing from   .../bin/foo   to    /usr/local/bin/foo,
> distutils installs correctly, but then reports an error when
> it incorrectly tries to chmod the file /usr/local/bin/bin/foo .
> The problem seems to be in .../distutils/cmd.py, in the function
> _copy_files().
> It looks as if it should not just do os.path.join, but should
> drop off the directory parts of f, first with os.path.basename().

I can't reproduce this.  If you're referring to the '_copy_files()'
method in install_misc, it can't be that, because that class isn't
(currently) used anywhere.

Can you tell us which Distutils version you're using, which version of
Python, and which OS?  And show us exactly the command(s) issued and the
complete output you got?  I can't reach your web site right now; if I
could I'd try to go download your tarball and try it myself.  If it's no
more than 50k, can you mail it directly to me (gward@python.net)?

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