[Distutils] cleaning up packages

Randall Hopper aa8vb@yahoo.com
Mon, 05 Jun 2000 13:56:36 -0400

     As I install my new module distribution, sprinking .so's and .py's
around the Python distribution tree, it occurs to me that I haven't yet

     With DistUtils, what's the command to clean up all the kibbles and
bits in the Python tree associated with a package of a given name.  Did I
miss it?  Or is it that not implemented yet?

     For those familiar with the FreeBSD or Redhat package tools, I'm
talking about pkg_delete or rpm -e, respectively (in fact, FreeBSD
registers Python packages with the FreeBSD package manager; but not all
platforms have this capability).

     Some related distutils subtasks I also don't know about:

     1) Listing what packages are currently installed 
        (pyncurses-0.3, Numeric-15.3, etc.)

     2) List what files in the python tree make up a package


     3) Delete the files for the specified package, and remove the package
        from the installed list.

Is this supported?  Slated for the future?

Like most folks, I've hit package breakage due to stray files and libs
lying around way too many times.  And asking users to cd into
system-specific paths 10 or more levels deep and rm specific files is a
support nightmare.  Sure hope we have (or will have) a "delete package"



Randall Hopper