[Distutils] cleaning up packages

Harry Henry Gebel hgebel@inet.net
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 19:58:05 -0400

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 01:56:36PM -0400, Randall Hopper wrote:
>      As I install my new module distribution, sprinking .so's and .py's
> around the Python distribution tree, it occurs to me that I haven't yet
> read...
>      With DistUtils, what's the command to clean up all the kibbles and
> bits in the Python tree associated with a package of a given name.  Did I
> miss it?  Or is it that not implemented yet?
>      For those familiar with the FreeBSD or Redhat package tools, I'm
> talking about pkg_delete or rpm -e, respectively (in fact, FreeBSD
> registers Python packages with the FreeBSD package manager; but not all
> platforms have this capability).
>      Some related distutils subtasks I also don't know about:
>      1) Listing what packages are currently installed 
>         (pyncurses-0.3, Numeric-15.3, etc.)
>      2) List what files in the python tree make up a package
>         (/usr/local/python/PLATFORM/plat-irix646-n32/.../site-packages/my.so,
>         etc.)
>      3) Delete the files for the specified package, and remove the package
>         from the installed list.

What you are basically talking about is package management for systems that
do not have a package manager (or whose package manager is not yet
supported by Distutils). I was (and am) planning on working on this but
have not had a chance to start; and may not for awhile. I do not know what
Greg's plans are for this; I was thinking a sort of mini-RPM-like database but
have not heard what other ideas people might have.

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