[Distutils] cleaning up packages

Mark W. Alexander mwa@gate.net
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:14:18 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Greg Ward wrote:
> Proposals are welcome!
>         Greg
> -- 

Well, I'm real close to getting to work on bdist-pkgtool for the sysv
pkgtools used by Solaris (and others). I hope to follow that with HP
depot format. Doesn't bdist-dumb to tar.gz or something basic like
that? All these formats include some type of file list that can be
used for removal. For that matter, if Distutils saved the package's
setup.py in the package directory, isn't there enough info there 
to extrapolate an uninstall list?

On a quazi-related note Easy Software has GPL'ed their Easy 
Package Manager (EPM). It does Debian, RPM, HP-UX, Solaris and
IRIX as well as tar.gz and includes installation & removal
scripts. I've played with it a little and found it not quite
what I needed at the time but it may be good for a source
of information if nothing else.