[Distutils] building extensions with AIX

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 22:32:57 -0400

On 23 June 2000, Rene Liebscher said:
> I have seen in the TODO file
> that there was an entry about AIX.

Yeah, what the TODO entry fails to mention is that I already tried to
fix this, in sysconfig.py:

    # "Fix" all pathnames in the Makefile that are explicitly relative,
    # ie. that start with "./".  This is a kludge to fix the "./ld_so_aix"
    # problem, the nature of which is that Python's installed Makefile
    # refers to "./ld_so_aix", but when we are building extensions we are
    # far from the directory where Python's Makefile (and ld_so_aix, for
    # that matter) is installed.  Unfortunately, there are several other
    # relative pathnames in the Makefile, and this fix doesn't fix them,
    # because the layout of Python's source tree -- which is what the
    # Makefile refers to -- is not fully preserved in the Python
    # installation.  Grumble.
    from os.path import normpath, join, dirname
    for (name, value) in done.items():
        if value[0:2] == "./":
            done[name] = normpath(join(dirname(fp.name), value))

> I tried it and found some little
> problems. It seems some paths in the
> Makefile are wrong.

The above fix *ought* to fix the relative pathname problem, but ISTR
that it didn't work.  Don't remember the details.

> After playing a little bit around
> with it, I wrote a new compiler 
> class. (I think, these changes could
> be included in unixccompiler, but
> to test it, it is nice to have a 
> own file for it.)

Man, why does everyone want to write CCompiler classes all of a sudden!

I'm not sure if this should be fixed early, in sysconfig, or late, in a
platform-specific UnixCCompiler subclass.  Note that there's a similar
problem with extension-building on OSF/1, and however we fix the AIX
problem should be how we fix the OSF/1 problem.

Rene, if you cook up new version of this patch, you might just solve
this problem for me.  Try this:

  * ditch the code in sysconfig that tries to fix "./" paths
  * fix your code so it fits in less than 80 columns, uses os.path.join
    instead of "+", and puts spaces around the "=" in assignments
    (but *not* default or keyword arguments)
  * extend the default compiler table, as you suggested, to respect

Also, do you have access to AIX to test this on?  If not, we should bug
Vladimir Marangazov (Mr. Python-on-AIX).  He almost volunteered recently
on python-dev to test Distutils on AIX, but I didn't get a firm
commitment out of him.  ;-)

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