[Distutils] building extensions with AIX

Rene Liebscher R.Liebscher@gmx.de
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:40:35 +0200

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Greg Ward wrote:
> Yeah, what the TODO entry fails to mention is that I already tried to
> fix this, in sysconfig.py:
>     # "Fix" all pathnames in the Makefile that are explicitly relative,
>     # ie. that start with "./".  This is a kludge to fix the "./ld_so_aix"
>     # problem, the nature of which is that Python's installed Makefile
>     # refers to "./ld_so_aix", but when we are building extensions we are
>     # far from the directory where Python's Makefile (and ld_so_aix, for
>     # that matter) is installed.  Unfortunately, there are several other
>     # relative pathnames in the Makefile, and this fix doesn't fix them,
>     # because the layout of Python's source tree -- which is what the
>     # Makefile refers to -- is not fully preserved in the Python
>     # installation.  Grumble.
The problem is the other layout of the installed Python.
Makefile refers to ../././Modules or so, this directory doesn't
exist. The linker scripts are in the same directory as the Makefile
and config.h . 
> The above fix *ought* to fix the relative pathname problem, but ISTR
> that it didn't work.  Don't remember the details.
If you set the paths new, you don't have a relative pathname problem. 

> Man, why does everyone want to write CCompiler classes all of a sudden!
> ;-)
Because you don't have to change many other files, if you only want to
try a 'bug' workaround?
> I'm not sure if this should be fixed early, in sysconfig, or late, in a
> platform-specific UnixCCompiler subclass.  Note that there's a similar
> problem with extension-building on OSF/1, and however we fix the AIX
> problem should be how we fix the OSF/1 problem.
> Rene, if you cook up new version of this patch, you might just solve
> this problem for me.  Try this:
>   * ditch the code in sysconfig that tries to fix "./" paths
I put it all now in sysconfig.py right after scanning the Makefile.

>   * extend the default compiler table, as you suggested, to respect
>     sys.platform
It is also done, even if we don't need anymore a seperate compiler class
for AIX. But I included some comments how it would look if we had one. 
> Also, do you have access to AIX to test this on?  If not, we should bug
> Vladimir Marangazov (Mr. Python-on-AIX).  He almost volunteered recently
> on python-dev to test Distutils on AIX, but I didn't get a firm
> commitment out of him.  ;-)
If I hadn't access to AIX, I wouldn't write patches, neither I would
need them.
(I tried one of my programs, which uses extensively threads, and this
without problems, so I think it was built correct.)

To be more correct, at my university I have access to Linux, AIX and NT
MSVC. (I remember we have here also some Suns.)
At home I can use Linux, FreeBSD3 and NT/Win98 with mingw32/cygwin.  

kind regards

Rene Liebscher
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diff -BurN --minimal --exclude=*.pyc distutils.orig/distutils/ccompiler.py distutils/distutils/ccompiler.py
--- distutils.orig/distutils/ccompiler.py	Mon Jun 26 09:34:34 2000
+++ distutils/distutils/ccompiler.py	Mon Jun 26 10:42:47 2000
@@ -801,6 +801,7 @@
 # that platform.
 default_compiler = { 'posix': 'unix',
                      'nt': 'msvc',
+#                     'aix4': 'aix',
 # Map compiler types to (module_name, class_name) pairs -- ie. where to
@@ -814,6 +815,8 @@
                                "Cygwin port of GNU C Compiler for Win32"),
                    'mingw32': ('cygwinccompiler', 'Mingw32CCompiler',
                                "Mingw32 port of GNU C Compiler for Win32"),
+#                   'aix':     ('aixccompiler', 'AIXCCompiler',
+#                               "unix with AIX specific shared object linking"),           
 def show_compilers():
@@ -839,9 +842,11 @@
     """Generate an instance of some CCompiler subclass for the supplied
-    platform/compiler combination.  'plat' defaults to 'os.name'
-    (eg. 'posix', 'nt'), and 'compiler' defaults to the default compiler
-    for that platform.  Currently only 'posix' and 'nt' are supported, and
+    platform/compiler combination.  'plat' defaults to 'sys.platform'
+    (eg. 'aix4',freebsd3') if a entry for this 'sys.platform' in the 
+    default_compiler table exists and os.name' (eg. 'posix', 'nt') otherwise, 
+    and 'compiler' defaults to the default compiler for that platform.  
+    Currently only 'posix' and 'nt' are supported, and
     the default compilers are "traditional Unix interface" (UnixCCompiler
     class) and Visual C++ (MSVCCompiler class).  Note that it's perfectly
     possible to ask for a Unix compiler object under Windows, and a
@@ -849,7 +854,10 @@
     'compiler', 'plat' is ignored.
     if plat is None:
-        plat = os.name
+        if default_compiler.has_key(sys.platform):
+            plat = sys.platform 
+        else:
+            plat = os.name
         if compiler is None:
diff -BurN --minimal --exclude=*.pyc distutils.orig/distutils/sysconfig.py distutils/distutils/sysconfig.py
--- distutils.orig/distutils/sysconfig.py	Mon Jun 26 09:34:35 2000
+++ distutils/distutils/sysconfig.py	Mon Jun 26 11:19:19 2000
@@ -257,7 +257,21 @@
         raise DistutilsPlatformError, my_msg
     parse_makefile(file, g)
+    # on AIX there are wrong paths to the linker scripts in the Makefile
+    # (these paths are relative to the python source, but if installed
+    #  these scripts are in another directory)
+    if sys.platform == 'aix4': # what is with AIX 3.x ?
+        g['LDSHARED'] = string.join([ 
+                # linker script is in the config directory, not in the
+                # Modules as the Makefile says
+                os.path.join(get_python_lib(standard_lib=1),
+                             'config','ld_so_aix'),
+                ' ', g['CC'], 
+                ' ', '-bI:', # where is python's exports file 
+                os.path.join(get_python_lib(standard_lib=1),
+                             'config','python.exp')
+                ],'') # <= all spaces are explicitly specified                    
 def _init_nt():
     """Initialize the module as appropriate for NT"""