[Distutils] Comments on bdist_wininst

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 20:54:19 -0400

Howdy --

OK, I'm looking through bdist_wininst.py right now.  About all I've
fixed so far are typos in comments, and changed it to use
'reinitialize_command()' -- thanks to Bastian for spotting that one (and
prodding me into reviewing the code).

Some thoughts... these are mostly idle speculation, because I really
can't see anything wrong with the code!

  * should we change ImportError on zlib to DistutilsPlatformError (or
    something) that generates a friendlier error message... or is
    this being silly because zlib is absolutely positively always
    available for Python on Windows?

  * is "foo-1.0.win32.exe" the right filename for the installer?  this
    is consistent with "dumb" build distributions (simple tarballs and
    ZIP files) as well as RPMs, so that's a good enough argument for

  * "win32" is hard-coded in a few spots: should that be
    'get_platform()' (which now just returns sys.platform)?
    (I don't remember what the decision on sys.platform for 64-bit
    Windows was: is it going to return "win32"?)

Other than it looks good.  I'll see if I can't produce an installer for
the Distutils tonight -- that would be, as they say, THE BOMB.  ;-)

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