[Distutils] Another code snapshot

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 21:54:20 -0400

OK, tonight's changes were worth another code snapshot.  You'll find it
on my Starship page, at:


Distutils code snapshots will be distributed from there until further
notice (ie., until I get back write access to python.org!).

  * minor tweakage to bdist_wininst.py: please try it out and make
    sure I didn't make any stupid typos

  * added C source for Thomas' installer in "misc" -- note that this is
    *not* yet in CVS, as I was (and am) unsure of the right way to
    handle DOS text files -- have to check the CVS book tomorrow

  * added Lyle Johnson's bcppcompiler.py to support Borland C++

Note that bcppcompiler.py doesn't actually work: Lyle reports a very odd
problem when spawning the linker.  I'm sure he'd gladly welcome
debugging help, and I'd really like to see support for Borland's
compiler working too.  See the comment I added to the source for

Please, everyone bash this code mercilessly.  I'm planning to release
Distutils 0.9 tomorrow or Thursday night, so that there's a real release
out there a few days before Guido release Python 1.6b1 -- that way, if
any real bone-headed mistakes have slipped in, we have a chance to fix

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