[Distutils] DOS text files and CVS

Ian Searle ians@amc.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 18:51:45 -0700

The best way to check DOS text files into CVS is from a Windows/DOS
machine using the CVS client/pserver route.  Using this method, the
files are stored in canonical format.  When someone checks them out from
a Unix client they get /n only.  And, when someone checks them out from
a Windows/DOS client, they get /r/n.  And, everyone is happy (well, as
much as can be expected :-)  

If you do a 'cvs add -kb foo.dos-txt' then CVS will treat the file as
binary and forego the keyword substitutions and end of line
translations.  But, folks checking them out will always get the /r/n
regardless of platform.


Tim Peters wrote:
> [Greg Ward]
> > can anyone enlighten me on the right way to check in DOS text files to a
> > CVS repository?
> Aargh, I haven't used CVS in about 6 years ... somehow or other, I believe
> you need to convince CVS that it's a binary (not text) file.  Then it will
> skip line-end conversions.
> not-a-solution-but-maybe-a-clue-ly y'rs  - tim
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