[Distutils] Some patches

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 22:24:06 -0400

On 28 June 2000, Harry Henry Gebel said:
> I have put a few patches up on the SourceForge patch manager.

Cool!  This is slightly more awkward than email, but the
tracking/accountability is nice.

> The first patch prunes CVS files and directories from source distributions.
> (Making a source distribution of the Distutils was failing because it kept
> putting 'misc/CVS' into MANIFEST. Of course, this wouldn't effect somebody
> who wasn't using the CVS Distutils.)

Oops.  There were actually several other bugs lurking in that module,
and I fixed the CVS problem in a nicer way.  So don't feel bad that I
rejected your patch.  ;-)  See the checkin message for details.  Thanks
for prodding me into finding those other, long-hidden bugs!

> The second patch fixes a problem that you could not build source
> distributions for packages that use the old-style way of specifying extensions.

Also fixed in a different (shorter and more general) way.  Thanks for
spotting the bug!

> The third patch is for the examples directory. It updates the pil and xml
> setup scripts to use new-style extensions and fixes a bug in the mxDateTime
> setup script (which uses new-style extensions but did not import the
> Extension class.)

Great, checked it in verbatim.


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