[Distutils] winreg module changes

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 19:01:21 -0400

On 29 June 2000, Fred L. Drake, Jr. said:
>   _winreg is exactly yesterday's (even this morning's) winreg, aside
> from the name.  It passes the old regression test, so it should work
> fine for distutils.


>   Is there a reason not to switch to the new winreg, or is just a
> matter of time availability?

Two reasons: 1) time availability, 2) I don't know the new API and can't
test it in any case, and 3) -- no, THREE reasons! -- msvccompiler.py can
either use the API provided by win32api and win32con or that provided by
the-module-formerly-known-as-winreg, because they are quite similar
interfaces.  If we switch to the (presumably nice and OO) interface
provided by winreg (not _winreg!), then compatibility with
win32api/win32con for Python 1.5.2 would go away.

No wait, FOUR reasons: it ain't broken.

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