[Distutils] Question about DOS/Windows static libs (Hairsplitting)

Jonathan M. Gilligan jonathan.gilligan@vanderbilt.edu
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 13:23:30 -0600

While you're mostly correct, I would point out just for the sake of 
insufferable precision, that "Lib" is just an alias for "link /LIB". 
Lib.exe is just a stub that calls "link /LIB", so in the example below, you 
would just as easily put
    link /LIB /OUT:libfoo.lib foo1.obj foo2.obj foo3.obj


At 08:40 AM 3/9/2000, James C. Ahlstrom wrote:
>Well, no.  AFAIK "link" can create only executables or DLL's, not
>libraries.  Note that, despite the name, a Dynamic Link Library is
>very much like an executable and not much like a Unix static lib.
>To create libraries under Windows, use the lib program:
>     lib.exe /OUT:libfoo.lib foo1.obj foo2.obj foo3.obj
>Only the Windows "Great Unwashed" pay attention to this.  Normal
>Windows people use the development environment.  In particular this
>makes it easy to use lengthy lists of *.obj's instead of libraries.

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