[Distutils] Re: rpath broken

Randall Hopper aa8vb@yahoo.com
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 09:50:33 -0500

Joe Van Andel:
 |I grabbed the latest CVS version of distutils, as of 3/15/2000.
 |I'm building C Python extensions under Solaris and Linux.  Under Solaris,
 |I need to specify the '-R' options.  'rpath' is documented to do this,
 |but doesn't have any affect.
 |In ccompiler.py, I notice the _fix_link_args() routine manipulates
 |libraries and library_dirs, but doesn't use rpath.
 |I suspect _fix_link_args() is part of what needs to be fixed.

Just wanted to pitch in that we need this for IRIX and FreeBSD as well:

        - Solaris  -   -R
        - IRIX     -   -rpath
        - FreeBSD  -   -rpath