[Distutils] Installation: new code, new docs

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 20:14:58 -0500

Hi all --

I've just checked in a bunch of changes to the 'install' command, the
net effect of which is that it now WORKS.  (In case you hadn't been
paying attention, I checked in a version several weeks ago that was only
half-finished and has since been abandoned.)

If you're interested in playing around: first, read the docs, which are
also a complete rewrite.  This is the nucleus of the "Installing Python
Modules" manual; so far, it only covers "alternate" and "custom"
installation.  ("Standard" installation is pretty obvious, and anyone
reading this sig should know what that means... does need to be
documented, though!)

Documentation is at


Code is in the CVS tree of course, and I've just put out a new snapshot
to celebrate the occasion:



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