[Distutils] Installation: new code, new docs

Joe Van Andel vanandel@ucar.edu
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 11:16:25 -0700

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>Oops, shoulda mentioned that on the list: I unilaterally and arbitrarily
>changed the name of that option to 'extra_path', since I think that's a
>bit more descriptive.  (So I guess it wasn't *completely* arbitrary.)

I've attached a patch for the USAGE.txt document, to reflect this


Joe VanAndel  	          
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel@ucar.edu
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--- USAGE.txt.orig	Mon Mar 27 10:18:58 2000
+++ USAGE.txt	Mon Mar 27 10:26:27 2000
@@ -708,7 +708,7 @@
     [DOS/Windows default: 'prefix', eg. "C:\Python"]
     [actually it gets more complicated in the presence of the
-     'install_path' option; see below]
+     'extra_path' option; see below]
     base installation directory for third-party extension modules
@@ -716,18 +716,18 @@
     [DOS/Windows default: 'exec_prefix', eg. "C:\Python"]
-  install_path:
+  extra_path:
     information about extra intervening directories to put between
     'install_lib' and 'install_sitelib', along with a .pth file to
     ensure that those directories wind up in sys.path.  Can be a 1- or
     2-tuple, or a comma-delimited string with 1 or 2 parts.  The
     1-element case is simpler: the .pth file and directory have the same
-    name (except for ".pth").  Eg. if install_path is "foo" or ("foo",),
+    name (except for ".pth").  Eg. if extra_path is "foo" or ("foo",),
     then Distutils sets 'install_site_lib' to 'install_lib' +
     "site-packages/foo", and puts foo.path in the "site-packages"
     directory; it contains just "foo".  The 2-element case allows the
     .pth file and intervening directories to be named differently; eg.
-    if 'install_path' is ("foo","foo/bar/baz") (or "foo,foo/bar/baz"),
+    if 'extra_path' is ("foo","foo/bar/baz") (or "foo,foo/bar/baz"),
     then Distutils will set 'install_site_lib' to 'install_lib' +
     "site-packages/foo/bar/baz", and put "foo.pth" containing
     "foo/bar/baz" in the "site-packages" directory.